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Aluminum Welding Fab in Tacoma, WA specializes in aluminum projects that are marine, boat or industrial in nature.  We rebuild boats, repair holes, frames, girders, engine mounts and fabricate tanks, structures and many other items brought to us by a wide range of customers. 

We serve our customer base with 1. a free estimate on any job as long as the job is brought to us. Otherwise estimates are on a case by case basis.  2. We don't start work until you approve of the scope and terms of work.  3. We have a very high quality component.  High customer satisfaction and high repeat customer count. 

We have a variety of welding machines and use MIG and TIG techniques with a variety of supporting tools for almost any project.   Our 3,000 square foot heated shop has platforms and two gantry cranes with a large roll up door. 

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We specialize in aluminum, tanks, boats, structures, fixtures, tools, etc.

We’re committed to creating a word-of-mouth network of satisfied customers. Our goal is to build a reputation of honesty, quality, and value. 

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XTI  Aluminum Welding, Boats and Repair, Tanks, Structures , Fixtures and more